Selling more than just a box..

Greenham Regis is a very well established supplier of numerous high quality brands of marine electronics.

Traditionally Greenham Regis has supplied Navigation, Communication and Satellite TV antennas. With the recent acqusition of Greenham Regis by Ships Electronic Services Limited, we are now able to offer bespoke AV systems and advanced control systems, using widely available tablets and phones.

We appreciate competition and believe this is generally good for suppliers, manufacturers and the customer. Our business model is based on the true cost of ownership, factoring in not only the initial cost price, but also the after sales cost. In the unfortunate event that you have a failure, consider either the cost, or the inconvenience waiting to have it repaired. At Greenham Regis we offer the product, the installation and commissioning services and in our opinion the most important part, an engineer that is qualified to come and repair it should you have a failure. It's our belief that we offer the most competitive true cost of ownership for products we supply.

Below are some of the manufacturers we represent :-